Friday, April 4, 2008


the pregnant man. i dont get why people are getting so angry about this... or why some people insist on calling him a woman still.... to me it seems when people are born feeling like they are not the gender they are born into and then they change, we should give them the respect of calling them by who they feel they really are.... even if they decide to keep their reproductive rights as their former gender.... i just dont understand why its such a big deal... they are doing something that is making them immensely happy, they deserve that chance like any one of us, nancy couldn’t have children, its not hurting anyone.... it doesn’t seem that wild. its weird that people can’t be compassionate towards this, acting like this is fun and easy for thomas and nancy.. thomas didn’t choose to be born into what he feels was the wrong gender, thats a really serious intense issue to have to deal with... and the last thing someone who deals with that needs is people scrutinizing them as if its just easy and fun for him to have to go through all those changes etc. anyway.... i just think in a world where a woman can become a man and vice versa its odd that its shocking or surprising that one of those people would want to have a baby someday of their own. i can understand that people will not understand it and be confused or even not agree, but why so much hate for something not hurting you or anyone else and really making a lot of people very happy?

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