Friday, April 4, 2008

how many blogs can i post in one day

alot. evidently. which is especially amazing today because i cleaned out arabellas room, organized all her toys, did dishes (that were piled to overflowing out of both sinks and covering ever counter space in the kitchen! a very rare occasion), cleaned the whole house, vacuumed, mopped, went grocery shopping (at three different stores because they dont have everything i need at one!) all while taking care of my pumpkin who was delightful today, and i managed to still read to ara a lot and watch Oprah. if i wasn’t super mom today, then i dont know who is. anyway all that to say that i’m writing another blog to say that if you haven’t checked out my old live journal, do it. because its freaking hilarious. what a DORK> especially check it out if you are one of the few who knew/loved/maybe even miss the old skylana..... yikes. i told seth if he ever misses his 16 year old bff to just read that! i’m obsessed with reading it. i think i’m almost done reading all the entries. how embarrassing. good thing i like making fun of myself!

disclaimer: i never use exclamation points, because they are gross and embarrassing, which was perfect for this situation.

also i’m still working on those pics of the clothes, seth needs to give me my photoshop.

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