Saturday, May 10, 2008


one of my oldest, actually i think definitely my oldest friend, got married today. when she told me she was getting married i was a little shocked and i wouldn't say 'worried' but yea kinda worried... it was just so fast, not that i didn't get married fast... which probably made me that much more worried because i know how hard it can be when its done fast... anyway as time went on and the wedding got closer i just started to feel peace about it and then today as i was helping her get ready i just felt soooo happy for her and so excited for her... their wedding was so beautiful, and it wasn't anything the pastor said, it was just seeing the truth in their eyes, the sincerity and love in their hearts.... they meant what they said... i go to lots of weddings and i always think 'ok, this is nice' but that's about it... but her wedding just reminded of the amazing splendor that marriage really is and how wonderful it is to see two people in love vow their hearts and trust to each other in front of all the people who love them, to hear them speak those words just reminded me of how strong and beautiful marriage can be... to watch two people say to each other that no matter what happens and how hard it gets they the only thing that matters is that they want each other, they love that other person... deep inside, they know who they are and that's why they want to promise to be with them, support them, forgive them, take care of them forever. carissa and i used to lay in her bed and talk about when we'd get married someday and have kids, how our kids would be friends, all those girl things. carissa always dreamed so much of being in love and i'm just beyond thankful that she has found that love. i'm so happy for her.

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