Wednesday, May 7, 2008

if you ever told me to read velvet elvis...

thank you.

there were a lot of you.

seth and i have made it our 'potty book' and both of us feel like we have found our soulmate.

its so good to finally feel understood, yea he doesn't know me, but i can tell by what he writes that he would understand me, because its exactly the things i've been thinking and saying all this time. its like a huge sigh of relief for me, just to feel like i'm not alone.

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Anonymous said...


oh my goodness..ever since this book was out i've been 'cruisading' for people to read it! i bought the white first edition, but i went back to pick up copies of the second printing to give to friends.

its amazing isnt it?
i love that bit about the trampoline, how it compares to the concepts we use to understand theology.