Sunday, May 18, 2008

chap my ass

i am so outraged about a lot of the commercials for fast food and frozen dinners i've seen lately. they have some cute song playing in the back round with kids sitting down to eat and a mother bringing them frozen dinners while the narrator talks about how the chicken is all white meat and they have veggies... or the Macdonald's commercial where the adorable girl dresses up in her boa and gloves but her mom doesn't care what she wears, she only cares what goes in her tummy that's why she takes her to Macdonald's! its one thing to even promote the sale of such destructive food, even to make it seem healthy for adults who can make their own choices... but to use children in that way its unreasonable. it makes me so so so mad. i dont even have words to express this because it just infuriates me.....

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