Monday, May 19, 2008

velv elv

i just wanted to write on here to anyone that is interested in the things i've said about God or my relationship with him, or has felt the same way as things i have written that i want them to read velvet elvis... particularly chapter two... i love the whole thing so far, but chapter two is something i've felt inside for a long time and didn't know how to express... i really do feel like he's the first 'pastor' i have ever even remotely related to... and i relate to him a lot actually, i have related on most things except i am still not at a conclusion about whether or not jesus is God, which i dont think really matters anyway... i dont consider myself a christian, but i think aside from that i see religion and relationship and the bible a lot like he does. i love the freedom that being unsure brings. i am not sure of what is true, but there are things i choose to believe are true... very few things... but i feel very open because i feel like we are all wrong, we are all missing it and at the same time we are all getting parts of it and we are all speaking truth everyday and if we can understand that we need each other in order to find God and to find more and more of what is true, thats when we will really find it. we need people around us who dont agree with us, people who agree with us, we need people who understand us, people who dont but want to because that's what makes us grow and that's what shows us who God is. we can see God in a way we never could have on our own in another person because we are so different. i'm just really excited about this book because its the kind of christianity i find inspiring, whether i am a christian or not this kind of christianity inspires me.... there are kinds of faith in any religion that inspire me but it has been hard to find that for myself in christianity. ... i have no idea if i made one single distinct point in this or if i even made sense... there is so much in my mind. this is good.

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