Tuesday, May 6, 2008

i've got a question for anyone and everyone

this is going to be a little graphic... so if you can't handle poop talk, dont read this and you probably should also never hang out with me.. hahah.... but seriously...

so ever since i started eating really healthy i've been able to see almost everything i eat in my poop, i've tried to look this up online but no one has answers and i haven't even seen anyone saying it happens to them. when i say i can see what i eat i'm not talkin the occasional bean or piece of corn its like if i eat chocolate cake one night, the next morning LITERALLY my poop is the SAME texture as chocolate cake, and a lot of times the same color, its so close i want to take a picture because i really dont think people understand just from me telling them (but its shit, so i dont). its sooooooo weird. i see peppercinis, salmon, spinach.... i dont know if this means i'm getting what i need and the rest is getting passed or if it means i have bad digestion.... the thing is, when my poop is like this i feel great, i'm poopin a lot and fast and i feel healthy and good, plus my poop looks exactly like dr. oz says it should, only with stuff in it.... so i dont really worry about it too much, but since its been like this for so long and anyone who i've told thinks its super insane i thought maybe i should look into it a little. i wouldn't pay money to go see a naturopath or doctor unless something else was going wrong, and the internet had no answers... so i'm asking you. does anyone else have this issue or does anyone have info about it that i dont?


Gombojav Tribe said...

I don't know. One time my son had this problem. A doctor suggested I give him really bland food for about a week--no dairy, no meat, no spices. He was just eating starchy food like rice and cream of wheat. And then begin gently reintroducing foods one at a time.

It cleared up.

The doctor said it was some sort of gastro-intestinal inflamation causing him to not properly digest his food.

I honestly don't know if it was harmful or not, 'cause he seemed fine. However, it did go back to normal after this week off from food.

Go figure.

Beth McDermott said...

i love poop. we can talk shit anytime you want... HA!

i dunno... is this a pregnancy issue??... I had some crazy digestion business going on at times thru pregnancy... like morning sickness in reverse...
If its dr oz-like... and you arent loosing clumps of hair in the bathtub or anything... i'd say bombs away... no, wait... BOTTOMS UP!!
haha i crack myself up.
Ooooh! another one.
ok, im done now. really.

Steph said...

oh beth. why am I not surprised?

here is a good article: http://www.theherbsplace.com/Stools_Can_Reveal_A_Lot_About_Health_sp_183.html
If your body is working as it should, it should be absorbing the sugars, fats, starches, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients and all you should be left with is waste. There are some foods that the body has a hard time digesting and will usually just pass through, like corn, but def not salmon, and peppercinis on a regular basis.

There is a name for what you are talking about... we talked about it in one of my nutrition classes but I can't for the life of me remember. A nutritionist should know. Good luck!

The Avilas said...

if I were you, I'd eat clay, sand and water. that way I could say that I literally "shit a brick"