Thursday, June 26, 2008

learning her colors

learning her colors.

i wanted to download her rendition of her two favorite songs 'hot dog' from mickey mouse club and 'feeling good with jojo' from feeling good with jojo and 'patting' along to little einsteins, but the file is too big and too hard to compress cause i dont want to take the time. gross that she likes all of those... but when you have a child who consistently wakes up at 6 am and immediately climbs onto your belly and puts her face in yours trying to lick you, the disney channel becomes your good friend. anyway she pulled this little white end table to the middle of the room at erin and karls, got on top of it and started performing those songs while dancing and clapping for me and soren... here's the only picture i got ...

and also an update picture of me and nola.
~22 weeks.


Emery Jo said...

I LOVE the name. Nola. It suits her already I think. heh. Ara is so smart! And CUTE! I miss you guys and want to see you soon. I'll be in Reno from July 1- July 10. You guys should come see me and we can hang out at Lake Tahoe. Mmmkay? Mmmkay.


A thankful heart said...

I watch Benji a couple of days each week, so he's here right now.. I just thought I would see what's new on your blog...and apparently a lot:) So I played this video and Benji laughed and got excited and all three boys clapped and were saying "that's allabella!!" What a little smartie!