Thursday, June 12, 2008

little sister

yep, arabellas getting a little sister.

there ya have it.

* and i just have to write this so that hopefully it wont happen as much, and also cause its chappin my ass, but if you are thinking of talking to me about how much crazier it is to have girls than boys or how i'm probably gonna have a tom boy cause i dont want that to happen then dont talk to me.... i'll probably just turn around and walk away from you.



congrats! another girl! i'm jealous. ;) girls are great, especially when close together. my sister and i were inseparable growing up. great memories.

Mercy Kidz said...

I have to tell you if Josiah was agirl, I would have wanted another girl, I love having two of the same sex that are really close, it is wonderfull! Sisters! How fun, Ihtink it is wonderful SKylana!