Tuesday, June 24, 2008

water tutsie.

this morning seth brought ara in our room she ran to my side of the bed grabbed my phone, without even one look at me and said 'e kar, e kar' which means she wanted to call erin and karl... i said 'they arent up yet, because their baby doesn't wake up at 6:30, sorry'

also she has this new walk she always does that she thinks is so funny, it looks like an old man with a cane or something, i'm going to try to get it on video.

and crazy... we watched sesame street for like the second time EVER the other day, then we were at the thrift store, she saw a stuffed animal of elmo and said 'elmo, elmo' !!!! that is too much.

oh also i forgot to add that her new favorite food is cottage cheese AND vanilla yogurt... either trading them every other bite, or mixing them... she came up with it and she loves it. yuck. i do love though that her favorite foods are cottage cheese (definitely number one) beans, avocado, broccoli, whole wheat pasta and yogurt. what a good lil muffin.

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E said...

Look! I'm reading your blog!

Yeah, we were NOT up at that crazy early hour. Sorry Arabella. You'll just have to tell us what you were going to say at a reasonable time of day.

Post the old man walk...it's precious.