Monday, July 28, 2008

abc 123 baby you and me

i wont even present my opinion on this one. mostly because i'm pretty sure i wont have to.

we went to abc.
our eyes were met with large buildings and many people as we stepped out of our car that we were very lucky to have been able to park in a reasonably close spot. As we walked up we saw what would later be shown to us as 'downtown'. We walked across the parking lot into the courtyard.. the courtyard was filled with people many tables and chairs (cute patio sets like they have outside of starbucks) and a large fountain in the middle. we saw a cafe on our right. we went inside one building straight ahead of us, i dont know what this building was called, it was not the main sanctuary, it was not a part of the 'downtown'... we dropped ara off. we were taken to the 'downtown' by a friend, to a room where they have separate live worship from the main sanctuary but broadcast the same sermon on a large screen. within the downtown there was the 'boardwalk' which was a junior high room, we didn't look inside, and there was also the 'station' we looked into that one. it is the youth center and seth and i agreed that if we were kids we would DEFINITELY want to go there for 'church', what more could you ask for? a brand new separate place just for them with a cafe of their own 4 flat screen tvs showing surf videos, pool tables, couches and other games.

everything at the church is brand new. granite counter tops, a granite fireplace, two flat screens, nice couches, tables and chairs and stone floors make up the inside of the cafe where you can buy anything from a donut for $.75 to a sandwich for $6.50 and all the lattes you could want in between, not to mention brownies and a whole array of other baked goods. the downtown had a style reminiscent of downtown disney, new, shiny, cool...

the sermon was about world views and while i can't sum up the whole thing, here are some main points that stuck with me were:
vote republican (against abortion and gay marriage anyway)
dont be accepting of what others believe, be very sure to teach this to your children
know that the words spoken today are 'THE truth and everything else is opinion'
gods favorite day is sunday and he gets really excited about it.
accept jesus right now because you dont know whats going to happen when you walk out the door.

seth and i decided we will definitely be going back.

because you know what...

when it all comes down to it isn't the real question why go to starbucks and have to chase around the wee one when every sunday morning we can get the same lattes we love and donuts (or brownies, or scones, or sandwiches etc etc) while enjoying free child care and sitting by a beautiful fountain in a lovely courtyard?
i think even Jesus would agree with that.


meg said...

I'm really glad you guys are thinking here and getting your childcare for free, cause you know, you spend so darn much on rice and beans, well, you've got to save somewhere!

holli said...

hallelujah, sister.

Jeff M. said...

You should check out the DVD "they like Jesus but not the church" by dan kimball. He's a pastor in santa cruz. Sounds like you would enjoy it. It's a very thought provoking study about the current state of the church in todays culture.

Sarah Lam said...

hahaha they that sermon sounds just like my high school. definitely miss hearing that every day. snort.

in other completely random stuff...
i was browsing anthropologie, and i found a bag that was dubbed the arabella clutch. i just thought of you since arabella is such a pretty and unique name.$main220x340$

lorieloo said...

k, I don't know you. But I've read you awhile. I found you through Flo and Emery.

And I just have to say, that I'm with you on this one. My church for awhile was headed down this road,to "mega-church" land if you will. but God changed a lot of hearts and a lot of minds and we're thankfully taking a different route.

I couldn't have summed it up any better than your last line, about why go to Starbucks and wrestle with your kid when you can get childcare for free... so true.

so anywho, hi.
you made me laugh, and sigh with disgust all in the same post.

Anonymous said...

hahahhahahaaa awesome. SO SO true.

the last church that i 'went' to in body if not mind/spirit was in boise and BEAUTIFUL - a lot of the time i just went to the time in between the services because of the coffee break where they had the same thing, but with an indoor courtyard with a huge roaring stone fireplace and 2story glass wall overlooking the STUNNING snow capped mountain range, big puffy couches, the whole thing. for the kids they had an entire indoor basketball court, the works.

...too bad they were manipulative, passive-aggressive bigots who would wank all day over how awesome and progressive they were but rip to shreds and leave anyone bloodied in the dust who spoke up.

not quite worth the $0.25 short americano.

kate (woods/henderson)

Andrea June said...

It's a beautiful church to look at, but the sermons kind of drive me nuts...especially the whole subliminal "if you're Christian you should be Republican" bit. Sick.

Andrea June said...
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