Tuesday, July 29, 2008

moments from the weekend...

arabella in her umbrella

our recording sesh

riding the trolly in morro bay

and the cutest thing that has ever happened... ara asked seth to play 'nono' at his show on sunday, i had her standing on the edge of the stage with me behind her and as soon as he started playing that song she quickly pried herself from me and walked to where he was and started dancing... she danced the whole time with him and the look on her face was classic, she was dead serious about dancing with her papa.


Lisa said...

whoa that is flip floppin cute. truly the cutest thing that has ever happened.

Flo Oakes said...

You are SOOOO cute. You and the preggo bell.
When do I hear your pop song??!!
Love ya.

stinamarie said...

so cute! [baby dancin on stage with poppa...that would've been the best show to be at]