Tuesday, July 8, 2008

arabellas musical interests.

so arabella has always had a weird interest in music.. but lately its a bit over board. only she can pick what should be on the radio in the car, and she is very picky. its weird because its not like she picks based on stuff she's heard before either... just if i 'scan' the radio she will shake her head and plug her ears to some stuff... so far that stuff has been:
mexican stations
sheryl crowe
even some of seths songs.. yikes.

and she will ask for other songs to stay on or she will ask for them 'gain' (again) those consist of:
lyle lovett
alison krauss
micheal buble
jazz on npr
some hip hop
some of seth's songs... really 3 of them.

and she loves listening to music loud, thank God. my brother always hated loud anything and it drove me nuts.. i dont know what i would have done if she was the sensitive to loud things kind....

also we went to the childrens museum today.. here are some pictures...

and earlier while we were eating thai food (our favorite ironically since it is probably the LEAST healthy food you can get... pad thai and spring rolls?? what a crazy) i asked her to make a cute face for a picture for seth and this is what came out....

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Paula said...

O.M.G. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her dress! Where did you get it?