Friday, July 11, 2008

crazy little lady

this is her identifying her favorite songs... sorry for my bad singing.
1 is 'nono' or as we know it Face, by seth
2 is 'hot dog' by they might be giants
3 is 'elmo' from elmo's world on sesame street
4 is 'jojo' from feeling good with jojo

while i wait for this video to upload i'll tell you some other cute things she's been doing...
one that is half cute half bossy, but i can only blame myself for it... when she doesn't want to be touched, which is a lot, she moves my hand and says 'touch, touch' until its in a completely neutral place. haha

she is IN LOVE with nola... she always comes up and pulls up my shirt and kisses my tummy and says 'hello baby' and then talks or just cuddles and then says 'bye bye baby' and today she was looking at this book and it had a dog in it... she stopped on the dog page and said 'doggie, baby, hi' she then walked over to me sat down lifted my shirt put the book up to my tummy and said 'hi, hi' and i said 'you want the doggie to say hi to baby?' and she nodded and said 'k, k' which is always her way of saying yes.

these two videos are her copying seth singing face... she had been doing it for about 5 minutes straight at this point, so as i always do... i caught her at the tail end... but i'm sure sometime we'll get a clearer one.


Beth McDermott said...

get that girl a record deal!
its in her blood.

Emery Jo said...

i want to babysit her for about 10 years please. I'm in love.