Sunday, July 27, 2008

what an expensive vegetarian you are

i know, who blogs on sunday morning at 7 right? i guess just people who wake up at 6 EVERY morning.

ok, so MANY a time when seth and i have said we are vegetarians people have said that they'd LOVE to be, but its just too expensive... which i'm pretty sure is a cop-out, but if its not... we could never understood how people think its MORE expensive to be a vegetarian. then after a while we realized that maybe people thought if you dont eat meat you have to/should be eating those fake meat things? cause yea, that would get pretty expensive (never mind the fact that if you really wanted to be a vegetarian you would find a way because it would probably mean you had such a big issue with meat you would NOT eat it) aaaaanywho.... beans and rice are usually the main ingredient in any vegetarians diet (that doesn't think its good to sub with soy...) anyway um... last time i checked beans and rice were like THE least expensive thing to buy at the store. especially dry beans. brown rice is a BIT more expensive, but its still like 2 dollars and lasts for like 20 meals.... um. hello!?!? (not to mention the whole complete protein you get from that, that you DONT get from meat) i think that's cheaper than the 'cheaper chicken' dont you? so yea i was thinking about all this because FINALLY someone agrees with us... msn posted this article about eating for under $100 a week and one of the very first suggestions was LESS MEAT, MORE BEANS!! wooo hoooo. i feel so vindicated. even if it is just msn.... and even if half the stuff on their list i wouldn't buy... at least they're getting the point across that us eating no meat and eating beans instead is not more excessive or expensive than meat. ha. gotcha! plus i would like to say that if meat became cheaper than beans and rice.... wouldn't that be the scariest meat to eat?

vote veggie.


laid back lady said...

haha i blog @ 7 too! i looooovvvveee that you wrote gotcha. i can just hear you saying it such passion for what you believe in sky. its refreshing and awesome!
liam and i are changing the way we eat and lifestyle and the other night we made ratitouli and i thought of you. its pretty good and you can serve it over brown rice,eggs, or pasta. check it our you might like it.
this is mollybear by the way

laid back lady said...

ohhh one more thing i tried your chilie and LOVED it ! i added olives cuz im obsessed but thanks for sharing your recipe.

genai said...

remember when I used to beg you not to eat those sick!! hotdogs from 7-11 and I would try to convince you that being veggi was actually better for you. I'm so glad you've changed.

you should look into "free range" and "hormone free" meat products NOT because i believe that they are a better alternative to our very low standerd of comercial meat production but because I think you'll find it pretty interesting that even though mass production of certain products claim to be "organic,cagefree,grassfed,
hormone free, and even NATURAL" does NOT mean that there are no additives in fact products according to the USDA can have an allowance based on percentage of non organic materials in thier products. Not to mention that same "oranic" product will most likely be shiped it in packaging thats only propels the rate of depletion to our natural resources. Dan and I grow our produce and we agree that the only meat we will eat is given to us that was ubtained from the wild. I think you are doing a wonderful job by remaining curious. and I hope that this long winded rhant encouages you to delve alittle deeper in to your interest. There is an endless list of things that you wont find on tv or the internet and there are certain poeple who would rather you NOT know and knolege is power.

I'll be seeing you in Jan.
love you.