Tuesday, August 5, 2008

pool time

another cute outfit she chose... she's getting better and better at it everday...

at the pool.
seth and i have been going to the pool at our gym every weekend and its sooooooo nice because ara goes to the daycare(which she LOVES) and we get time to hang out by ourselves, then sometimes we bring her out with us for 'family swim' which they have every weekend and every week night in the summer.... which has been super fun because arabella is OBSESSED with the water and is on her way to swimming real soon. she loves 'jumping' in from the side into my arms and she used to not like laying on her back but within two days of watching other little girls at their swim lessons she loves it! and she loves holding onto a kick board and kicking her feet... she is constantly trying to swim out of my arms to seth and back to me, she also goes under and LOVES it... what a weirdo. i have to get pictures of this.. i will try.
as for these pictures, just me and seth being oh so super hot by the pool. hahahah.

*speaking of super hot...

no, its not.

i will be very disappointed in any person i see supporting this sick shoe.


Flo Oakes said...

are those....croc wedges???????
oh my.
I actually prefer crocs to these.

lucinda! said...

love arabella and that cute squinty face she makes, love you and seths hottness, but i dont love those crocs. i hate crocs with a passion. and the high heeled ones take it a bit too far. yikes.

Anonymous said...

those shoes are disgusting.


meg said...

wait, are those crocs? i...am...speechless. and a little bit sick.

E said...

you don't think those are cute?

also, just because they're being sold doesn't mean you have to wear them hunny.


ha, ha...i think they're hideous too.

skylana said...

e- oh e. you are so funny. there is a big difference between people choosing to abstain from trends that are actually pleasing to the eye (this is OF COURSE based ONLY on MY opinion) and people who choose to abstain from trends that somehow were wondered into i believe unconsciously and have become an embarrassment to our society.