Monday, August 4, 2008

so hopefully she's just super smart.

we measured our heads

seth 22inches
skylana 21 1/2 inches
arabella 20 inches

her chart
Length = between percentile 25 and 50
Weight = between percentile 25 and 50
Head Circumference = above percentile 95

nar nar binks


Flo Oakes said...
Smart Arabella!
Sucks for Amelie... miss 5%

Emery Jo said...

This is EXACTY like Ezzie's measurements have always been. Orange on a toothpick. Holds those big brains and big eyes.

Beth McDermott said...

Um... have you gotten a load of ANABELLE'S head? yah. we call it the "thunder dome" behind her back. I had a nurse anestistist tell me that means she has a large brain capacity... sure, we'll go with that...