Saturday, August 23, 2008

'healthy milkshake'

seth and i have a new love.

we started making these 'milk shakes' that are just bananas, a little bit of cocoa, soy milk and ice and they are delicious....

THEN i discovered the super special treat milk shake.... which is still relatively healthy.... and low fat...

it makes about 2 big shakes:
chocolate syrup or powder to your liking
2 bananas
i think about a cup to a cup and a half of soy milk
as much ice you'd like. i like a lot cause i like it thick.
spoonful of peanut butter.

holy shit.

it takes like the most wonderful milk shake you've ever had, and theres not even ice cream in it!!! love it. especially because ice cream pretty much ALWAYS gives me a stomach ache, and i thought it was because of the amount i ate, but now i KNOW its because of the dairy... which i could get soy ice cream, but i dont like the taste when its plain ice cream and in the shake it doesn't matter now cause i dont even need ice cream! awesome.

try it, you'll love it.

* speaking of treats, seth laughed at me today because he heard me saying 'ara, i'm so proud of you. i love how you eat whatever i tell you you need to, that you eat all your healthy really good food before you have a treat like this apple' ... (cause she had just finished all her rice, beans and brown rice pasta in order to get the apple)
and he was like 'an apple?' that's a treat? and i was like 'well most of the time, i mean a super special treat is something crazy... but usually fruit is her treat.' haha i know i'm a dork... but i dont want her having so much sugar and i really was just feeling so proud of her because you always see kids refuse to eat stuff and saying they want something else and EVERY time she has tried this we stick to our guns and say 'nope. this first, then the apple' and EVERY time she finishes the good food and then all of us are so much more happy and proud of her when she gets to eat that apple, even her. what a good girl.


Monica said...

this makes me so excited because one of my favorite things to do as a kid was throw a HUGE amount of ice cream into a blender with a banana and a big scoop of peanut butter and then drink it ALL... then i realized how bad it was for me (just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt). recently my little brother made pretty much the same thing for himself and i tried it and remembered how good it was, but i just can't justify how bad it is. so basically i can't wait to try the recipe you posted. thanks!

Karl said...

"holy shit" made me laugh out loud.

oops, i mean it made me lolz.

meg said...

your comments to ara made me laugh. ahh. that's rad.

i love that if you offer healthy food as a meal and then fruit as a treat that is what kids will expect when you say "treat" it makes sense that if we all change our perspective of what treat food is, we'll stop craving sugar and crap.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! ggod job, i still think you could do a food network show!
love, aunt