Friday, August 22, 2008

ooooh poopie.

we always sing this song that goes 'oh poopie, oh poopie' and evidently its an old song called 'oh donna' by richie valens, seth just told me. i thought it was just a song we made up.... anyway today arabella said 'mama sing oh poopie'!! all of a sudden she just has been saying stuff that i dont know she can say out of now where... words.. lil sentences like that.. its super awesome and kind of creepy cause i just wont know she can talk that much and then she blurts it out....

last night my wisdom teeth were INSANE. i went to sleep at 430, then woke up at 6 (ya know, because of the cute lil talker) cause seth had to leave at 6.... i was just up all night trying to figure out how to not be on pain or looking up stuff on impacted wisdom teeth, since we have no insurance it doesnt matter either way whether it is, but everything i read made me think it might be. i took tylenol, used oragel, and was just biting down on ice inside a towel and the pain was close to unbearable... then i felt a pop in my ear and shooting pain down my jaw, i sat up and yelled out. that's when i started looking online. anyway all this to say when i got up in the morning i was out of it... then, finally, at 10 i remembered that a friend had offered to watch ara some friday if i needed it... and i'm the type that normally would never have taken her up on it, because i HATE feeling like i'm imposing or taking advantage of someone.... anyway i felt like this time i had no choice... so ara went to beths house. she played in the pool and admired her crush.... i slept. til 2. it was sooo needed... except for the part where i had a horrible dream about arabella dying and saw her dead body, even touched her little hand. what the hell? i woke up in a panic, sweaty and confused. got my phone and went to see seth... i hate having those dreams... then i watched a movie on abc tonight and right after 20/20 came on, which i know i shouldn't watch, but it just came on fast and i didn't change it, and the first thing that came on was a funeral for a baby, and they showed the baby which i'm sure was fake but still.... seth was like 'what are you doing!?!?!?!??!?!'

im afraid to go to sleep. my dreams are so real. i dont want to dream things like that.

but i do want to go to sleep, because i am so very tired. and tomorrow is my turn to wake up with the pooper.

ok, i know this is a weird weird post, but i'm still out of it, and still in pain... any who that was my day... hopefully tonight and tomorrow will be better.

at least arabella is the cutest. we always have that.

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Samantha said...

I don't know if this will help for your tooth. But maybe chewing on a whole cloves on that one side will help. It kind of makes it a little numb. I tried that when mine came in and it did help with some pain but it doens't taste to great. Good luck!