Friday, August 29, 2008


she's asks me a lot to put her socks on her hands... where she learned this, i dont know. she comes up and says 'sockie han'

this is an outfit i just thought was super cute. she wanted to wear my scarf.

aaaaand i didn't think it had officially hit huge ass belly stage, but as i can see from this picture... i was wrong.

*seth just saw this picture and said 'woa that looks really big, you dont look like that in real life' (and i'm wearing the same outfit.) so... i dont know. weird. we dont know how that happened.

30 - 31 weeks.

and two super cool pregnant myspace poses
which i think makes them even 'cooler'


Karl said...

The Sock Hand thing must be an epidemic amongst kids in SLO county. As you know, Soren has come down with it too.

No, you're not that big in real life. That's wild.

Also, when I came to your blog and "Here's Where the Story Ends" came on I literally started crying. As you know, this is a rarity for me, but I haven't heard that song since I was in Colorado getting to know Karl. I was obsessed with The Sundays back then. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for taking me back in time. I'm glad that's something we agree on. :)

skylana said...

oh my gosh... you left this comment under karl and when i got to the crying part i was like 'woa karl, we reaaaaally need to figure out a way for you to grow a pair' glad it was you and not him.. haha....

Karl said...

okay...this is it. erin is banned from using my computer.

although, sometimes i feel like i'm still getting to know know?

Anonymous said...

This is your Mom, I believe in the 7th month the baby doubles in size and weight.
Run that by Mary and see if that's what happened, because I don't see a big anything but that baby, Baby.

great laughs over the kitty/breathing toilet story~