Friday, August 1, 2008

thank you beth.

when it comes to music, i could pretty much like anything from any genre at any moment. there are a couple kind of exceptions... celtic, christian, kids music, and motown... but even within those genres i have a few songs i can appreciate.... the way i decide whether i like music or not is when i hear a song i either like it or not, i dont care who it is or anything. i can appreciate music that i wouldn't necessarily listen to if i get the 'feeling' of it or it makes me want to dance. the only time i dont like music is when i hear it and to my ears it sounds bad... like i dont like wilco... pretty much all my friends do, and i dont think its bad music its just when i hear it it sounds not nice to my ears. its fine, just not especially nice to my ears, i can still appreciate the fact that they write good songs....

ok... anyway so FERGIE.... i never really liked fergie... there are a couple songs i kinda like but nothing really impressed me.

then i saw her last night.

i am officially impressed by her and love her songs.

yes, even my humps.

i already am always an advocate for pop music because most the people i know/have known for some reason have an issue with pop... is it because they all play music and for some reason all think they can play better music? is it because they're jealous deep inside that they work so hard and aren't famous? is it because they think its cool to like 'underground' music? i dont know, but i dont buy that you can objectively hear pop songs and rule them all out honestly because you just dont like the way they sound.... it has to be because there is a preconceived notion of something you dont like about the 'pop' scene. anyway i'm always arguing the case for pop music, because i dont understand this new fight against it like its so terrible and none of them are talented.

last night proved my point in the best way.. i like fergie so much more (i still think she's kinda stupid cause she showed it every time she talked) but she has talent and she can do things and perform better than most people in this world. the thing is it doesn't matter if you can write awesome songs and play good music and you CANT perform or put on a show for people... somehow people will probably still appreciate your talent... and it doesn't piss off the people who like pop music that people appreciate your talent.. so why does it piss off people who are only into 'good' 'underground' music that people appreciate the talent that pop stars have to offer... maybe they dont write the songs themselves but they can offer something that most people who write super good songs cant, they can perform like no ones business. that is why they are famous and that is why they make millions, because they are talented. besides that whether or not they wrote the songs they are singing most pop songs are really good songs and that's why people get hooked on them and why they want to sing a long to them. ... people relate to them no matter how dumb someone else might think the words are.. to me the true test of a good song is that people can relate to it because that's what music is for to relate us to others. dont rule out entire genres of music to be cool... or underground or whatevs... just try to listen without a preconceived notion that you 'hate pop' cause of blah blah blah and i'm sure anyone can find pop songs they love, and that's good, its shouldn't be looked at as a 'guilty pleasure' or something because that's demeaning those people's talents, and they're talents are just as good as those who write the good songs.

all this to say, i LOVE fergie now and i want to be like her.

i mean, hello? wouldn't you?
those melons and lungs so fit you can do one handed back springs and continue to sing in key.... all while making the mills?
dont be jealous.
just love it.

ahah ahhhhhh!


MEGAN said...

Hello, found your blog from Emery's. I LOVE Fergie too.

ohhellocupcake said...

hahaha... love the fergs.

monica said...

i TOTALLY agree with this. all of my friends and boyfriends have always been so into "good" "indie" "underground" whatever music and against pop, and while i still like a lot of that kind of music too i have always had a love in my heart for pop music and country type pop music (like carrie underwood and some dixie chicks). it's just so much fun to listen to and sing along with, and i think a lot of pop music actually really is good too. i used to be so embarrassed that i absolutely LOVED ashlee simpson's first album, but now it's like... who the hell cares? it's all good.

Sarah Lam said...

lol!! i agree. and my favorite pop song right now is do you know (the ping pong song) by enrique iglesias...if you haven't heard it...listen NOW.

Beth McDermott said...

people who claim not to like pop music are liars. they can say its not their first choice, but EVERYONE likes it. and thats the only reason why some people say they dont like it.
thats what i say anyways.
who DOESNT want to be fergalicious. even guys do.

E said...

i miss you like a child misses their blanket.

Andrea June said...

Ick. I DON'T love Fergie, simply because of all the tiny little girls going to her concert at the fair, to listen to her sing about sex, her jugs, and all other kinds of things little girls shouldn't be listening to.
I know it's not her fault that parents let their small children listen to her music, but it makes me sad and angry all the same.

skylana said...

andrea- yea its a bummer that some parents are stupid, but thats no reason to not love fergie! its not her fault that people have kids that shouldn't! haha...