Thursday, September 25, 2008

brownie contest 2008

seth and i agree that neither of us have ever had homemade brownies that are as good as or better than box brownies. for us homemade is always better, except when it comes to this.... and my lovely neighbor loves making boxed brownies, which we thoroughly enjoy, but definitely shouldn't.... (not that we should even be enjoying homemade brownies as much as we have lately... erin, you're killin me. i love it dont stop.... no do stop.... i mean dont... but really do... ahhh) anyway... i'l like to figure out how to make brownies that are as good as the box... if you have a recipe that you think qualifies for this, send it my way i will test these recipes and find a winner. i will also be searching online for one that looks good and be trying to come up with my own recipe. we will see! let the brownie search begin!!!


Flo Oakes said...

I'm pretty sure I don't have any brownie recipes that are as good as boxed. In fact, the last 2 times a friend has made brownies and gotten rave reviews and tons of compliments, she sheepishly revealed that they were from the box. Duncan Hines.

For people who like mint though, I did just read a tip where people melt andes mints and pour them over hot brownies as a glaze.

MEGAN said...

My sister used to make homemade brownies with semi-sweet chocolate that are by far the best I've ever had; I'll see if she still has the was several years ago.

autumn said...

I am just a lurker..but I have a wonderful brownies recipe! I emailed you, and there is a picture on them fairly recently on my blog :)

meg said...

oh damn. this is a terrrrible idea!

you don't live close enough to include most of us.

Karen said...

fun post! have you ever tried a texas sheet cake? it's often mistaken for brownies, and is really yummy. has a dense cake-like texture with a super gooey frosting, if you're into that. ;-) my dad used to make them when we were kids. hope this link works. they're pretty dang awesome. have fun!