Friday, September 5, 2008

ok second blogsalot.

look out cause this is going to be sickeningly cute....
seriously, it even makes me sick.

photosesh 2008.

we wanted to remember our 3rd anniversary very well.

it was so nice.
we went to buona tavola (one of our fav restaurants)

and our waiter said bruschetta like flo.

i couldn't decide if he really was italian or not cause sometimes he had an accent and then sometimes he didn't... i was like 'is he doing that thing my mom and flo do?' and seth was like 'he's probably has an italian family but grew up here'

i think he went to italy last summer and is just a little too excited about it.

either way it was awesome.

we got everything we wanted.
bruchetta, this eggplant thing, tortelloni, wine, beer, tiramisu, and gelato.

then we went to lineas and sat out back and had drinks and talked.

we came home and rented 'what happens in vegas'

AWESOME. haha. loved it.

it was such a nice night, and sooooo nice to not have ara (no offense baby) and our dear friends erin and karl didn't even ask us to pick her up until the next day at 12!!!!!

look out fourth year... here we come!


meg said...

i really like feeling ill from all the love.

monica said...

i LOVE your hair. i wish i could have bangs like you but i have a feeling they'd annoy me because i'd feel like they were in my eyes. also, is it hard to keep them trimmed? do you do cut them yourself or get it done at a salon? when i did use to have bangs it seemed like they always got butchered whenever i got my hair cut... like nobody really knows how to make them cute like yours.

skylana said...

thanks monica! yea i used to get really annoyed at them being in my eyes but after time, if you push through that stage you just get used to it.. and i trim them myself... if you live here i'll trim yours.... i dont know where you are...

monica said...

well now i wish i lived there because then i'd have some really cute bangs, but unfortunately i'm all the way across the country. funny story though of how i started reading your blog in the first place... a few years ago (i guess 2 or 3? sometime after you were married) i was dating a guy who went to cal poly so i spent a lot of time in SLO. one time we were downtown and i went into a store that had a wedding magazine with one of your wedding pictures on the cover. it was seriously GORGEOUS and so eye-catching! then a little bit later i saw the same wedding pictures on myspace and instantly recognized them because they really are so memorable. and that is when i first read your blog... kind of crazy. and i still think your wedding pictures are the prettiest i've ever seen.