Tuesday, September 23, 2008


so ara kept asking me for yogurt today and i told her if she finished her beans and rice from lunch then she could have yogurt.

i went to the bathroom.

i came out to find her in the kitchen with the fridge open drinking out of the yogurt container!

there was yogurt on the floor and also the container of plain yogurt, which i'm sure she had tried and realized it was not what she was looking for.

so i took the yogurt away and started to clean up the floor, i told her to back up a little.. she stood there watching me... she kept saying 'mmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm' so i turned to look at her and she was bent over licking yogurt off her toes.

we put the yogurt away and she ate her rice and beans.

it was pretty freaking cute though...

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kate h. said...

awesome, easy recipe:


i've found that a camping-type coleman container is PERFECT for incubation. just use your thermometer to make sure a mug of water is 110 degrees, put it in the box with the yogurt and totally just leave it for 3 hrs - and voila. cheap, sugar free, basic yogurt you can add any yum/healthy treat to.