Sunday, October 19, 2008

and i didn't have my camera....

we just walked down to the 'park' (if you can really call it that, since it consists of two slides and some stairs and platforms. that's it) anyway, the park across from our house and i just can't even handle how cute my little family is together.... seth gets so into playing with arabella i love it, he runs up the slide to surprise her and climbs up on the platforms and she just laughs and laughs and then right when she goes down the slide he'll jump down to greet her at the bottom... i think he's so cool and such a fun papa.. but i can't even imagine how cool arabella thinks he is. its so amazing that she gets to have such a super cool dad that will be silly with her, play on the playground with her, catch her when she comes down the slide and make her feel safe... seth has always had the 'kid' quality in him.. where he can be funny and silly and play and do things a kid would do, and is able to think like a child would. that characteristic can sometimes make other things in life harder but i'm so thankful that he has it, because its so much fun and i can see how amazing it is for arabella. he's the best father there ever was or ever will be, i'm beyond thankful that my sweet little girl gets to have him and that nola will too.

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