Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2nd times a charm

everyone always said that it was so much harder after the second child to get your body back, so i was worried when i got pregnant, because it took me a year to lose the last 25 pounds with ara and once i did, i was pregnant again! but for whatever reason, this time has been a breeze! and in the end i ended up weighing the same amount i did with arabella! i started before ara at 100-103 and ended up at 150. i got down to 110 after ara, which is my new goal weight because before i had arabella i had no hips, butt or boobs and i looked anorexic... i always wanted hips and boobs. anyway so this time i started at 110 and in the end still got to 150... only it was weird how this time i didn't look as big (seth says this time it was all in my butt... hahah thanks babe) but i'd rather that than my arms and face! so yea i lost 15 pounds giving birth, lost 5 more the first week and i've lost another 5 this week. so now i'm at 125 and i only have 15 left to go! and its only been 2 weeks and i haven't exercised yet obviously! awesome. plus mary came up and said i could start doing crunches.... look out bod i love, here i come .... to stay!

um right after i wrote this i got ready to go to the store (which went off without a hitch again!!) and i discovered that i fit in my jeans again!!! wooo hooooo


Travis Avila said...

nice work skylana. you're like the biggest loser ;)

A thankful heart said...

just for the record...i thought EVERYTHING was easier with the second baby....(ok, except pregnancy!) seriously, delivery, recovery, weightloss(didn't really stick to it..but the pounds melted off faster), nursing, routines, everything was much easier!

i'm super stoked for you that you fit in your pre-babe jeans:) that's always exciting!!! also, props for the super market thing always seemed sooo daunting(from hearing stories while pregnant), but wasn't.. moms are pretty awesome if you ask me!!

Sarah said...

congratulations, skylana! you looked awesome when i met you the other day in downtown slo. sorry again for the creepiness factor, lol. "i totally read your blog!" lol