Saturday, November 22, 2008


lovie sisters.

my lips. not the same as ara's. ... she's got mine. trust me on this one.

um evidently she likes to sleep in the bath..

i love sleep smiles.

the first video is her dancing to delta spirit in papa's sunglasses, which she LOVES to wear and the second is her singing 'umbrella' which she sings every time she gets to the U in her abc book.
video video


jenny moon said...

hahahaha she's totally giving rihanna a run for the money, that's so awesome...

and is nola a smiley baby or is that just gas?

skylana said...

she is super smiley.. but she's also SUPER gassy... soo... either the gas is making her smile or the smiles are making her gassy.


your girls are the sweetest.

meg said...

Ara looks so old now next to Nola. and in the second photo is Nola sucking on Ara's finger? to cute.

Nola asleep in the bath is to much, it's making my heart swell.

Flo Oakes said...

LOVE them.
The videos are precious.

kachina said...

SOOOO CUTE! Especially the umbrella one. I was like--she's seriously singing that song!!! : )