Friday, November 21, 2008

drink up

adiri natural nurser.
awesome. with arabella i had these bottles called 'breast flow' which i loved cause the end looked just like a boob, like these ones... only they were just regular old plastic. these ones are safe plastic! ... and they're so great because they're super soft on the end and are shaped like nips... so there's not much confusion. with ara i had to use a bottle when she was 2 weeks old cause she had sucked an actual piece of my nipple off (that is the reason i dont understand the phrase 'i tried to nurse, but it was too hard') ... anyway i had to pump so that my nip would heal... so i didn't want her getting confused because of having to use a bottle that early, and she didn't, i think cause they were so much like breastfeeding.... and this time i found these bottles which have the same shape but are not dange! wooo hooo ... and this time i gave nola one this early cause i went to see twilight and before i got to go get my first gin and tonic in 9 months!!!!!!!!!! yessssssssssss!

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