Tuesday, November 4, 2008

have i told you lately

that i'm in the mood for an induction and an epidural?

my due date is tomorrow.

last night was THE most painful night i've had during this pregnancy, my pelvis, lower back and cervix were all in soooo much pain. i started losing my mucous plug yesterday and have been having pains in my cervix since and had lots of contractions before bed last night and then they were waking me up all through the night.. but once again... nothing has happened.


Steph said...

ugh I'm so sorry. I read the title and hoped you were going to say "I had a baby!" Or something like that.... hopefully all the pain means the end is near. And just think, you'll have that sweet girl in your arms soon and never have to go through this again!

Askins Photography said...

I loved your birth story about Arabella - so I have been checking out your site regarding this birth as well. I am sorry you are in pain and wish the very best for you!!! I am due in about 6 weeks - going for a vbac.

Flo Oakes said...

Stupid! This sucks. I'm praying that it speeds up and gets over with soon:)

Love you mucho.