Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a better time.

the 90's ... can you believe they're as far away as they are?

when i think about the 90's they seem like yesterday. but they're so much farther. i'm watching vh1's best songs of the 90's countdown it makes my heart ache. all the songs they've put on, whether i liked them at the time or not, i like them now just because it reminds me of those times.

just to name a few.

will smith - gettin jiggy wit it
marcy playground- sex and candy
deelight- groovers at the heart
i'll be- edwin mccain ahhhh, which brings us to dawsons creek. LOVE.
the presidents of the united states of america- peaches
puff daddy- mo money mo problems
james iha- said sadly
all i wanna do- sheryl crow
only wanna be with you- hootie and the blowfish
shoop- salt n pepa (one of my FAVES)
buddy holly- weezer
can i get a... -jay z
one of us - joan osborne (another flava fave.)
criminal- fiona apple
o.p.p.- naughty by nature

i could go one forever.

i loved music in the 90's better than anything since. and in every genre. i'm so happy.

i wish, i WISH, i had a picture of myself in the 90's you would LOVE it. i'll try to get a hold of that.

and speaking of the 90's does anyone remember lunch with jesse?


jenny moon said...

wasn't that jesse kid in a contest to be a vj on mtv and he lost but ended up on mtv for awhile anyway...? he looks so familiar but maybe i'm thinking of someone else.

i have gone back in the past year and replaced so many albums from the 90's that i used to love but then thought were kinda mediocre and got rid of - but then i endured the past 10 years of popular music and realized my bush sixteen stone cd kinda rocked after all.

Amanda said...

yes!!! I am totally obsessed with the 90's music channel on cable. I play it everyday while I am cleaning. It brings back so many memories.