Monday, December 22, 2008

bump and grind.

so i have a crazy aunt laura. dont worry she likes being called crazy, which is good. anyway seth and i always say that if i hadn't married him, i'd be her. if you've met her, you probably agree. one of her many wonderful quirks is that she has about a million bumper stickers, which i'm a huge fan of.... seth on the other hand... likes our car the way it is. i was texting one of my many friends named erin this morning about bumper stickers and i was thinking about how since i dont get to put any of them up on my car, i could put them up on here... so here's some that i would have, just to name a few.... and remember... dont hate me because of my bumper stickers... they're only stickers.

i'm sure you can see now why seth opposes this. but he has said i could have ONE bumper sticker... this is the one i chose.. and have yet to actually put on my car....

i think i made a good choice.


Anonymous said...

coexist is actually my least favorite...because EVERYONE in portland has one.

Beth McDermott said...

The one that I crack up at every time:

Im A VAGINAterian.


I bet your hot passat would get keyed in 30 seconds here in mudhole if you dared half of those. Way to practice self control.

skylana said...

jen! that's why you should LOVE them... that means there are a lot of nice people in portland ;) ... i originally wanted to make a vinyl coexist sticker instead of the bumper stick but them my friend who had a vinyl sticker cutter sold it. bummer.

and beth! vagina... sick. i'm down with titties.. but... that's as far as i'll go ok?

Sarah said...

have you seen facebook's bumper stickers? you should add the app.

Anonymous said...

well you DO want to move to Oregon right? :)