Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*****UPDATED ****how creepy am i?

i had a dream last night that i had an affair... with seth.

like i left seth for seth. the 'other' seth had a different name, but everything about him was the same as seth except for how he kissed, and that's why i stopped seeing him and wanted my real seth back. also in the dream i was at some party and our cousin andy was telling us how he used to win swing dance competitions and he was laying on the floor in front of a lady who was dancing (who i'm pretty sure was our friend camerons sister) with his hands under his chin kicking his legs. if you know andy.. you love this.

also way before i had this dream we had put nola in her swing before we went to bed and she was still sleeping when we got in bed... she woke up a little while later, but right before she did her swing opened on its own... the part that snaps across her lifted up. then seth went and got her. it scared the SHIT out of me. the whole night i was convinced there was a ghost in our room that opened her swing and i could barely sleep.

*i forgot to say that in that same dream i also dreamed that LUKE was babysitting ara, and said seth and i were the best friends he's ever had !!! hahahha yea right. its cause we just ran into him.

anyway also tonight at dinner i was explaining to seth why i thought there was a ghost in our room and i'm pretty sure he thinks there was one in there too now. he didn't realize that i actually SAW with my own two eyes the swing open on its own. (and no, its not spring loaded in ANY way.)


Travis Avila said...

you are weird.

skylana said...

and you love every second of it.

meg said...

1. is this my andy?
2. if it is...everything in me is fighting the idea to post the video of him doing the sexy dance....um. ya.

skylana said...

of course its your andy.

meg said...

hearing you say "of course it's your andy" in my head just now, I laughed out loud. Oh man! Still funny.