Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i have to say two things.

one) i went to the gym. next to our gym there is a mortuary. i sat next to the pool after i ran and while sitting there i noticed i could see the mortuary from the pool... and a odd looking chimney stack on top... with smoke coming out. stressful.

two)what i was thinking about before i got interrupted by noticing the smoke stack...

i'm sick of everyone getting offended at me saying epidurals are riskier when giving birth. its true and it doesn't bother me that people get them, i dont like them, but i dont care if someone gets it. what bothers me is people getting them without getting info about them before, and people acting like they're perfectly safe and not risky. so stop getting defensive. i feel like if someone said 'yea, i knew they were riskier and i didn't want to feel the pain, so i just made that choice' i would totally respect that and LOVE it. hearing people try and defend them just sounds silly. if i wanted to get one i would, but i wouldn't pretend it wasn't riskier and i wouldn't pretend that i did it for any other reason except that i didn't want to feel that pain.

glad i got that off my chest.


jenny moon said...

i had an epidural with my my first (induced) delivery and read afterward that with my scoliosis it could have paralyzed me...so yeah, reading about that stuff beforehand, DEFINITELY a good idea...

ps you know the smoke was from the crematorium, right?

skylana said...

uh YEA i know that's what it was from. that's why it was STRESSFUL. like, i'm just chillin by the pool... watching smoke rise from dead bodies being burned. that's pretty much the sickest thing ever.

Flo Oakes said...

I agree.Same thing with breastmilk/formula. I mean, I don't care if someone uses formula, just don't throw a fit and write a scathing letter to the editor when a parenting magazine publishes a report that breastmilk is healthier.

As a side note, I know this is extreme, and not the same exactly, but I've been thinking about how I risk things everyday... like driving the girls in a car is MUCH riskier than an epidural, but I would never get an epidural.
So weird.
I mean, I know we "have" to drive...but really we don't I guess.

The McCabe's said...

Just read this, but couldn't agree more. My wife and I decided NO epidurals for both our Kids, and people always seem to get cranky if you mention the risk. Well Said and thought out!