Friday, December 5, 2008

seth showed me...

this today.

i dont believe in the bible necessarily, i dont really know what it means to believe in the bible, because i dont understand all that it says, not even close. i dont believe in living your life according to a book... but i know a lot of people do, a lot of people i'm really close to do, so understand i'm not saying thats bad i just have to say that this isnt me defining what i'm living by or saying the bible says a certain thing in a way to justify what i believe. i choose what i believe not based on the bible and i'm not saying i think this is truly what the bible says, but it makes a whole lot more sense to me than anything i've heard on this subject and i think its interesting. i certainly think if you are going to live your life according to what a book says, you should understand that other people can be living their life according to that same book and be living almost opposite of you... and both could be right, both could be wrong.... i'm saying this because i dont want a bunch of comments of people acting like they know the end all of what the bible 'really says' because its lost on me. if you tell me that you somehow know that what you believe the bible says is the absolute right interpretation, or that its not an interpretation, i wont believe it, cause i dont believe anyone has the right doctrine or has the bible figured out... and i do believe EVERY person who reads the bible is interpreting it, because there is no way to comprehend what you are reading, unless your minds interprets it. you can't be objective.

all of this was inspired by this.

i thought it was hilarious.


Anonymous said...

"There is a growing body of evidence from science, psychology, history, psychiatry, medicine, and personal experience that leads to a clear verdict: Homosexuality is neither a sickness nor a sin. Unfortunately, the church has always been slow, if not the last institution on earth, to accept new truth."

I think if this guy actually looked into it, he would find that science is having trouble finding a 'gay gene'. It would seem that the same sex orientation is more to do with environment and upbringing than an innate orientation.
Would natural selection breed the homosexual gene out, if it actually did exist? That is, if natural selection tries to keep those genetic traits to keep the species alive. Some would insinuate that if there is a gay gene then it might actually be a mutation.. I'm not comfortable with that answer, but I think this guy would do himself a favour to listen to both sides of the argument.
I agree on the Biblical analysis, but I think he could do some more work.

jenny moon said...

interesting article...of course, i stopped caring whether bible-believers feel the bible supports any of their positions years ago anyway, but it was cool to see a glb group make such a good case for why they can be gay and still love god.

i'll bet if god really does exist (the agnostic in me rearing its educated head) he really really doesn't care about humans loving others of the same gender - he would be much too busy with human wars, famine, and genocide...not to mention what the other species he created are up to (he did make trees and tigers BEFORE humans, after all)

Annie Peterson said...

I don't understand everything the Bible says...but I do believe it's always, totally, absolutely right. That grounding makes it okay when I don't know? Like, I can't be in control, but I'm not floating in space without anywhere to be attached to. I think my personal main reason for believing the Bible is true is that it's come alive to me. God has clearly spoken through it, and I've met the Jesus who it talks about. He is absolutely worth it all -- everything I can offer, all of my mind and my heart...everything.