Wednesday, December 31, 2008

um... are you joking me?

really arabella, are you? cause you're insanely cute.

today arabella was eating her lunch... she burped up some tofu, swallowed it again then said 'oh, i eat my breath! that's serious.'

and when she eats things lately she makes shapes out of them.. like yesterday she bit a cracker held it up in front of her and said 'E!' and then today she did it to a chip but said 'tutu, like my tutu'

then when we got home from grocery shopping today she came in the kitchen with me, started unloading the beans and putting them in the right cupboard! she was sooo cute doing it, super serious. she unloaded a whole bag for me, without any help . what a big girl.

its too much.

when we get to get out of the house life is only about 5 millions times better because LITERALLY when we stay home she runs around the house like a mad man yelling at the top of her lungs. ask erin. she saw it in action today.

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Hello said...

I love this little girl. And yes she can run around screaming like a crazy person.