Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i cleaned ara's room yesterday, and it had been A WHILE. i used to clean it ever night before she went to bed and pick up throughout the day.. lately its been.... well a little too crazy. anyway she was at the park when i cleaned... when she got home she ran into her room spun around and said 'wow! my room! so nice and clean!!!'

then she went out on the balcony a bit later after being out there for a minute she popped just her head in and said 'mama it sooooo nice outside!'

this morning she was eating some crackers and she got nola to hold one and then did cheers with her cracker.

she also fell down and got hurt pretty bad yesterday, it was nar nar, she could barely cry and naturally while i comforted her i said 'oh baby, its ok!' and she mustered up the strength to yell 'i not a baby!! i a big giiiiiirrrlll'

its getting crazy to me how she just talks with us, shes such a little person with her own opinions and thoughts that are so awesome to hear. she's hilarious. i love it.

nola started her cloth diapers yesterday, its just been too crazy up til now... so here we go! i forgot how much i love them when the poop that is in them isn't just like a grown ups poop in a diaper.

and arabella and her latest crush.

big kids on a big kid couch with a huge ass horse.


Shan said...

great pics...i'm diggin' those sunglasses. ~s

Annie Peterson said...

oh my goodness! your girls are so adorable!