Saturday, January 31, 2009

i promised i diss you.

so here i go.

korbel at blue.

that is where i started out on my girls night. one of my friends ordered a drink she had never had, tasted it and hated it. she offered it to anyone else at the table, every one of the 6 of us there tasted it and all hated it. we told her to just ask them to make her another drink, because as we all agreed that is what places normally do if you hate your drink. no biggie.

she asked the waiter and his response was 'i cannot take the drink back, you shouldn't order something you haven't tried'.


we all questioned him because all of us thought that was a ridiculous response. he said he would go ask his manager. he took the drink with him. weird. he came back and said it was made right and that he tasted it, yes tasted it, and could not take it back, proceeded to set it back in front of my friend and left.

we were all dumbfounded.

i went and spoke to the owner because not only did i think it was ridiculous that they are the only place to get drinks where they would NOT exchange something you hated, and not only that it was ridiculous that he said we shouldn't order things we havent tried... but that he tasted it!?!?!?!

her response was that this waiter was always good at customer service so she didn't understand what i was saying and that she was 'sorry i felt that way'.

i could have punched her patronizing smirk off her face right there. but im a mother now.

so this is my revenge, a blog to hundreds of readers, please think twice before you go to this wretched place because you will probably receive snooty glances, bad service, expensive crappy drinks and on top of it all could be patronized by the owner.


Karl said...

i will never give my patronage to anyone who patronizes a patron. I swear on the name of Saint Amand.

but seriously...that was lame. i love that a waiter in a bar is advising his customers not to try something new. smart guy.

ParadisoPerDue said...

that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!!! POOR service!!! They deserve to be dissed!!!!!!!! How are you supposed to know whether you like somehting if you haven't tried it- what an idiot!!!!!

meg said...

I adore and love this post, but what else did I expect from you right?

anyways. what i love beyond what you already pointed out that is ridiculous is that alcohol at a restaurant is like the most marked up thing there and you know they weren't using top shelf stuff either so why not make another drink and keep people pleased and coming back?

wow, I hope you guys left without leaving a tip and found somewhere amazing to go afterward.

Katie Carter said...

Hi there, we don't know each other so I hope this isn't too random..but this post cracks me up! I had the 'exact' same expirience at Blue...and I, like you was totally dumbfounded. It's totally rediculous, we left after that when we had planned to stay and wrote a note on our receipt that said 'what's worth more? 6 more drinks, or one remade?' haha...terrible!