Friday, January 30, 2009

like i said last night...

i haven't been that drunk since 7th grade.

and it was super fun.

last night was really really really great for me. i'm sure the gin helped, but it would have been wonderful anyways...

it was so amazing to smell the kettlecorn and bbq walking down higuera during farmers.. the show was super great, if i didn't say good bye to you, i'm sure you understand why.. if you saw me. ha.

to all my friends who helped me to not fall, thank you. (i know i did a few times anyway... but... )

i love all you guys soooo much.

it was a nice way to go out..

and somehow, by the grace of god, (can i say that about this) i dont have a hangover... so i can move!!!

aight bitches see you in LA!!

1 comment:

Krystall said...

glad you had fun, thankful you didn't hurt yourself falling, and super excited for you that you don't have a hangover! It was good to see you last night. Have a good moving day, I hope you and Seth will get to settle & relax soon.
Krystall (Jason's wife)