Sunday, January 25, 2009


we go our couch from this awesome guy in a track suit who had braces. he was super super cool and super 'relaxed'. really funny. but for some reason the whole time we were with him i just kept thinking 'he looks like a killer'. like a dexter kind of killer. but i really really liked him... which made me think this even more.

last night i dreamed that he was a killer. we were out at a restaurant and he found me. he had a knife and he stabbed me once, then told me i couldn't leave the room he was in. the whole night he would follow my every move and i couldn't get back to my friends. we kept having these really scary confrontations and he would stab me and it would hurt, but i had no wounds. i tried to tell the bartender i was being attacked and he said 'i know, there is nothing i can do' and then just looked up at the killer. i asked him if i could go to the bathroom and he said yes, which was crazy.. when i got to the bathroom seth was coming out so i told him what was going on. he got all of our friends and told them. they all came into the restaurant. i was so happy because i knew i would be free. but when they got there he laughed and said 'aw, she told you a story?' and then, because he was so charming, went on to 'explain' to them how he was joking with me and i took it the wrong way. he convinced everyone, even seth, that i was the crazy one and he was super funny and nice.


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girl, you got some crazy dreams! ;)