Saturday, January 24, 2009

hollywood regency

that is my favorite style.

hollywood regency combines glamorous details with the clean cut shapes of modern style.

we've been looking for a couch that fits that category for a while. today seth looked on cragsist and found a couch but it didn't have a picture. we went to paso to see it, it was perfect. its got down pillows and is super comfy. plus he had an amazing chair that i actually even love more than the couch and a secretary table that is probably from the 30's -40's. AND he had a bunch of boxes for us... an old mail holder and a picture i love, to put in the girls new room. it was all next to nothing to buy.... and now we'll have more than one place to sit in our house. i can't wait to get down there and set everything up and take pictures for all of you!


Monica said...

i must be a huge dork because this post totally excites me. gorgeous! i can't wait to see the pictures.

Sarah said...

you have the BEST style. i can't wait to see pics!