Thursday, February 19, 2009


i was born in southern california. i've spent most of my life in southern california. i used to think it was crazy to live anywhere past santa barbara. the past 8 years i had forgotten why i felt this way, every time i came to LA i felt dirty and smothered and just ached to get back to san luis. being in san luis i always felt like it was the most beautiful town. today i remembered why i love it here so very much. it was about the time i was driving through malibu canyon in the 75 degree weather with the sunroof open, the green hills around me, the mountains in my review mirror capped with snow and the ocean straight ahead. i am a through and through california girl that's for sure and i dont know what ever made me think for one second i could have moved away from my dear ocean. i'm alive again. the beach was amazing, arabella juts tootled around and was completely content staying away from the water, feeding ryan sandy chips instead. nola was happy on her blanket and i got to just sit in the sun and chat with my friend. its so good to be in a place where i fit in, easily and gracefully. i dont feel alone anymore and on top of it that place is gorgeous, has opportunities for my husbands dreams and a great stable job to support my family. i could be here for a long long time. .... (dont worry slo, i'll always love you)

california is my heart, it is so much a part of me and i'm so thankful i am from this beautiful place despite our bad spending habits and earthquakes....

the cutest thing to come from california? this lil bean.


oldmanscribble said...

hahahaha!!! awesome! It's about time you put up a poopie vid!:)

hillary tish said...

thats amazing how she can still wear that dress!
love it!