Sunday, February 8, 2009

lover you

erin got here at around 9 on friday night, as soon as she got here we went out to coffee... to discuss everything we haven't talked about the past 2 weeks. we got drinks and thought about pastries but it was slim pickins. we sat down and after only a few minutes, within which erin had to take her drink back because they had put no syrup in her caramel macchiato, a young bleach blond/orange haired girl came out and said 'we're closing, so.. you all have to leave. sorry. bye'. awkward.

so... we stopped by vons to grab a toothbrush and toothpaste while reminiscing about edward and jacob black...

then we went to moz lounge. where we got to listen to a sleezy band covering modern english and the cure, while 45 year old women in short skirts and bad extensions cougar'd their hearts out. we had three waiters who were, um... puttin out the vibe. we ate good veggie simosas, i had a gin and tonic, she had a tonic, we took some pictures.

it really was a sensual atmosphere.

saturday morning i made eggs, home fries and toast.. we left the toddler with seth and went to barnes and noble so i could continue revolutionary road and she could start breaking dawn in peace. it was 10:30am when i got chocolate cheesecake and chocolate soymilk. it was 10 minutes later that i felt sick to my stomach. we came back to the house after ara's nap picked up the entire fam and headed to the t.o. mall, and back into the 90's, to go shopping... this was our first trip out with our new double stroller.

which is awesome by the way.

seth took the chillens home and erin and i went to target. i got some kick ass leggings. i'm sure they'll make their way into some later posts.

we came home and had a super fast curry dinner and then left for our 'he hates you' movie in calabasses (because we had gift certificates there). when we got there, it was sold out. so we tried the theater next to our house, it was sold out. we decided to buy tickets for the later show in thousand oaks and we went back to my house to drop off the tiny one. which would be much more fun.

i realize now, he's just not that into me.

its sunday morning and erin is deflating her air matress. home she goes, and although i had SO much fun, i dont feel the sinking depression i thought i would feel upon her departure.

this weekend was so great, its too good to have friends like erin.

i'm so, so thankful we're only 3 hours apart.


Flo Oakes said...

I'm SUPER jealous of this. Are you glad?

meg said...

awesome ladies night (eww)
one question, i can't figure out how the new stroller fits 2 kids in it, does someone sit backwards?