Friday, February 6, 2009

i'd rather wear you than eat you.

i dont understand.

i do understand if someone is against fur, leather and eating meat.

what i dont understand is...

when people hate fur or like celebrities who are against fur but dont say anything about leather or eating meat. if your reason is the animals, isnt it all bad?

i dont eat meat cause i think its gross, not because of the animals (though i do think they should be treated better).

i dont mind wearing fur, as long as its vintage... that way whats done is done. me not wearing it isnt going to change it, i might as well still look hot in it.. and i dont mind leather either but i dont really wear it unless its on vintage shoes also.

i do have to say in the end if i had to choose id rather wear a carcass than eat it.

anyway i just think its weird that there's all this outrage against fur and not leather or eating meat. its all the same.

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Josh (the oak) said...

In the words of Lindsey Bluth: I'm not against the insides.