Monday, February 2, 2009

i know i said it would happen later but... i lied.

we went from life in boxes...

to simpler times....

its super nice to have my OWN closet... with tons of space...

our room still needs a wall hanging and some lamps... also the bed wasn't fully made when i took these.. but you get the idea. its HUGE compared to our old room. insane.

our lil kitchen.. its smaller than our old one if you can believe it, but somehow has WAYYYY more counter space, even with our coffee machine out. weird.

the girls room. i love that their closet already had shelves and stuff... and the other side is just as nice, but its all nolas stuff.

i also love their cute lil beds together!

the couch we got on craigslist.

and our glorious living room. there's still much to be done here... like get some accessories and hang the mirror and tv... i'll post when we do those things...

the fam in our new home!

and mine and ara's little photo sesh, i took pictures of her then she took pictures of me (yes, i helped her).

everything is so great... besides me and seth catching the argue bug all is well... i never tell anyone this but for the past 3 years, yes, 3 freaking years i have slept with the tv on... which is SUPER annoying for seth.. its because of my anxiety. this past year i have let go of my anxiety but had yet to let go of my security blanket of nighttime tv taking care of me while i slept... well we haven't had a tv in our room, we left it in atascadero (HUGE step for me) and i dont need it!! i sleep like a baby ( a baby who sleep through the night)... and our cable doesn't get hooked up til next sunday but we have both been THOROUGHLY enjoying not even having a television.... its like i'm a whole new woman here!


Monica said...

awesome... i love how nola's just chilling in this picture:

Emery Jo said...

i love it!! all your stuff is so cool. That couch from craigslist reminds me of the HUGE green couch we had when I lived with Brook & Harm. Remember that thing? But yours is cream and even cooler.

Yay LA !!