Monday, February 2, 2009

so here we are.

so.. sorry i haven't said anything since we got here... i've taken some pictures of our house and once everything is done i will post... a select few have received some phone pics ;) its so nice i LOVE it. it was a rocky start... one thing that seth and i argue about, which really we dont argue (like real arguments) about much, but we argue about how to decorate our house... its happened before and it happened again, so we got a slow start and it was a little intense, but now its good... and the girls room is done, the kitchen and living room are done and our room is pretty much done... all we need to really unpack is our bathroom and we need to get a few things, like lamps because we dont have a light in our room at the moment and another shower curtain since we now have TWO bathrooms.

arabella has been sleeping WAY better since we got here and so has nola (even though she was already a good sleeper, lil precious) nola has taken her naps in her crib today and in the next few days i'm going to start putting her to bed in there! woooo hooo it will be SO nice to have our room ALL to ourselves once and for all! we DO NOT like sharing our room with tiny people (yes, that's means dwarfs too).


it is heaven being close to some old friends.... ryan came and hung out with me and the girls today and i'm just soooo happy, he just kept saying how happy he was too... he's just a quality quality friend and its so nice to have him back in my life and not just over the phone. and i have a few other friends i've gotten in contact with and will be hanging out with soon... can't wait!!!!

anyway everything is really really great and i will post more about it as we get the house all situated. i miss everyone at home but i can't wait til you come to visit us and see our new place! it will be great. distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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