Friday, February 27, 2009

my sweet nola.

here are some fun facts about nola...

1. she is ALWAYS cold. if its 80 outside and she's wearing anything less than long sleeves and pants she'll have cold limbs and goosebumps.

2. she has worn pajamas every day since she was born, except for christmas she wore a real outfit and i think two other times.

3. she has the best breath in the morning but when i un swaddle her, she smells gnarly... yet there's never anything in her diaper. she's a tooter.

4. she loves to bite, hates pacifiers. she gnaws on my hand like crazy.

5. shes a very good sleeper and she sleeps in very late.

6. she is mellow and sweet.

7. she's already ticklish.

8. her laugh sounds exactly like her cry.

9. she's obsessed with being swaddled very very tightly.

10. her toes are so long they can wrap half way around my pinky.

maybe its because i know i'll never have another baby, or maybe its because i know what its like to have a two year old... but i really really appreciate her baby-ness. i feel like i enjoy her being a baby a lot more than i did ara... i dont take for granted the things about her that are easy and laid back.. i just enjoy them. i'm not in a rush to see what she will be like when she's old or to hear her voice or see her walk. i like who she is right now. this morning we were all awake and she was still asleep, like every morning, and i just couldnt wait to see her precious smile. its crazy how her smile means something totally different to me than ara's because even though they're both my daughters, they are not the same. they are two totally different people that i love in their different ways.

i'm so thankful for what she means to me and how dearly i love and appreciate her. i was so afraid that i couldn't love another child, especially when i wasn't ready to have another... but i proved myself wrong. i am blown away everyday by the massiveness of my love for her. i not only love her but i just really like her baby personality, she is already so different from ara and its nice to have variety... hahaha. she is not spicy at all. she is pure sugar. im in love.

and yes those red marks are more bite marks from the big girl. sad.


Sarah Corbett said...

this was such a sweet blog and i know exactly how you feel. when i knew i was having a second boy i just assumed they would be the same...boy was i wrong. they are so completly different and it is so refreshing. i have such a different bond with each of them, and i didn't even think it was possible to have such a love for more than one child. i am really enjoying my littlest one ellis; every smile, every laugh, every reaction. i have never been in a hurry with ellis like i was with my first son miles to see all of the "firsts". like you said, i think its because i know he is our last child and i'm in no hurry for him to grow up. as you know, it happens way too fast, and i want to slow down and cherish all of his baby moments.

Annie Peterson said...

she sleeps in late! THAT is wonderful. :)

Ryan said...

i for reals love her smile too... its way too contagious... and the little time i have got to spend with those two.. you can already tell they are totally different....