Saturday, February 28, 2009

starbucks toilet.

that's where my phone was yesterday.

i bent over to wipe ara with my purse over my shoulder and it fell out and into the toilet.

i just stood there for like a minute trying to decide if i should stick my hand in and get it or just leave it.. i knew it was broken, no question. i dont have insurance on it, and insurance would not have covered that anyway. i got it out.

so, if i know you in real life.... email me your number.

i wont have a phone for the next few days... and when i do, i'll have a new number... so dont even try to call me or text me suckkkas!!!


Monica said...

that happened to me a couple weeks ago. in a toilet that had just been puked in (luckily flushed first). still SWEET. of course i felt the need to wash it after too, so it was soaked. after 1 day of drying, i was able to barely use it (it kept freaking out). after 2 days it was functional, but the screen was still messed up. and after about a week of drying out it was back to working perfectly!

Cheatwoods said...

I SWEAR i DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT EVERY FEW MONTHS, jERAMI GETS SO BUMMED! i DONT MEAN TO BUT IT HAPPENS! Sorry didnt know my caps were on and im not taking the time to write that again!

Shan said...

that sucks about your phone...but on the upside, i'm super impressed that ara's doing so well with potty training herself that she's already going in public!