Sunday, February 15, 2009

relics from our past.

do you remember this?

brook and simon came in to town last night and brought some cute valentines presents for the girls. the onesie they gave nola reminded us of this shirt, and any of you who knew brook then, you know this shirt well. so tonight seth and i were talking about if there was an article of clothing for each of our friends from those days... or what we picture them in when we remember them back then....

we came together and made a list.

brook- sweet n low shirt and black bracelets.
seth- short black pants.
me- jeans made into bell bottoms.
bess- black tights and dock martin mary janes
zeb- jean jacket
danielle- we couldn't think of a repeated clothing article, but your volvo was dear to both of us. so... volvo.
amy stumph- black and red clothes and her a-line.
cameron- blue camo shirt and hemp necklace
andy- suit with stripped shirt
erin b- anything black
taylor - pomp
adam- girl jeans
luke- painter whites and tooth&nail jacket
kendall- black glasses and hoop earrings.
lane- overalls. carthart jacket.
roger- two collared shirts at a time.
mike- bright red collard shirt black pants black shoes black tie black hair.

ahhh the good ol days.

i'm so thankful i married someone who remembers those days. i dont know what i would do if i had to keep those memories all by myself.


Erin said...

This is really great. I remember most of these things. I was going down the list waiting to see what you'd remember for Lane. He would still wear that everyday if he could. Those freaking overalls.

Bess Anne said...

Ha ha... This is wonderful. Those seriously were the days. Siiiighhhh.