Wednesday, March 25, 2009

arabella quotes

ara: 'what's miles' papa doin?'
me: 'he's workin'
ara: 'whats he doin for workin?'
me: 'he does construction, which is like building buildings and houses and stuff'
ara: 'oh, i should do that'

ara wakes up to go poop EVERY night around 4am.
the other night she was sitting on the toilet balling

me: 'hunny what's wrong?'
ara: 'i dont wanna go potty on this potty!!!'
me: 'well where do you want to go potty?'
ara: 'i wanna go potty at twabis' house!!!!'

then today we went to a public bathroom and there was still pee in the toilet.

ara: 'who's pee is that?'
me: 'i have no idea'
ara: 'pwobably twabis'

what the hell? for some reason she has an obsession with associating travis with toilets... could this be why? she just knows.

today when i was putting her in the car.

ara: 'mama, you're boops' (this means boobs. mind you i was fully clothed.)
me: 'yea, what about them?'
ara: 'they're yucky'

thanks babe. they only kept you alive for your first year of being.

today driving to eat.

ara: 'mama... nola is nervous. shes nervous mama.'

the other day playing in my room then out of nowhere she yells.

ara: 'mama! gotta make a card! i gotta make a card for auntie mackie.... and brook and simon!!'

she drew on cards for them and told me to write happy birthday to all of them and that she loves them.

a few days ago she looked at my teeth.

ara: 'mama, you look like oprah, you have clean teeth... high five!'

i dont think i posted this.. but its one of my favorites... when we stayed at brook and simons house i came out into the living room in the morning, she points at me and with strong conviction says...

ara: 'YOU are NOT lane'


E said...

i seriously love all of these quotes. but my favorite is the 'you are NOT lane' one. i think that's what i'm going to say to you every time i see you from now on - just so you never forget.

our kids are weird, and why shouldn't they be when they are raised by moms like us. :)

ohhellocupcake said...

ohman.. my fave is the one about you looking like oprah. that's precious.

Sarah Corbett said...

lol, why is she so smart and adorable?!! do you try to keep these all written down somewhere besides on here? i used to keep a journal of all the great things miles would say.