Sunday, March 22, 2009

freakin dora

if youre one of those parents that thinks television harms your child, you might be interested in what im about to say... i do think ara watches entirely too much tv.. and i HATE dora the explorer, she might possibly be the most annoying person in the world (ok besides ann coulter and raven-symoné) but arabella loves her and has literally started learning spanish from her. i started letting her watch it because one day it came on and it was the ONLY thing she sat still for for half an hour (um hello?!?! i get a shower?!) but its gotten a bit out of hand...the other day i heard her mumbling something to herself... i realized later she was saying 'ocho' and had been counting in spanish... then this morning she just looked at me and said 'Mochila!!! i want mochila like dora!' and i said 'whats a mochila? is that spanish?' and she said 'yea, its means pack pack'. she has also expressed a deep desire to own maps that she keeps in a purple mochila. sound familiar? anyway on one hand i hate this obnoxious, loud, poorly dressed, fake spanglish speaking girl... but on the other hand... how can i when she's teaching arabella spanish? that's pretty essential for southern california....

i know she says a lot more in spanish because she says stuff to me all the time and i dont know what she's saying and then she'll just say the english word.

like i said to erin b the other day... i wish dora would teach them to clean up and always listen.



Sarah Corbett said...

lol, miles has learned a fair amount of spanish from her and diego, and he asks saer and i all the time how to say things in spanish. he's also been totally obsessed with maps since these "friends" came along. soon miles and ara will be speaking to each other in spanish and we won't know what's going on!

Amanda said...

I just wish she didn't have to yell to teach these things.

bryan.stupar said...

sorry...I actually think Ann Coulter is far more annoying!

skylana said...

sarah- i hope miles and ara get there. .... through the bite marks and all.

amanda- that's hilarious, and i TOTALLY agree, arabella is naturally louder than the average kid (i know insane) but when she's being told to say stuff louder over and over... oh god.

um bryan definitely dont be sorry for that! i think ann coulter is THE most annoying person in the world. ever. .... that's why i said BESIDES her ;) ugh... such a creep she is.